Research activities

For work and fun I'm doing various security research and also troubleshoot SSL/TLS problems. Also parts of my code and talks are related to these activities.
Evasions using the Semantic Gap
I'm currently involved in researching security problems and how perimeter firewalls might help mitigating them. During the research I've found several ways to evade existing IDS, firewalls and other security systems at the application level by using interpretation differences between the protecting and the protected system (i.e firewall and client).
Quantifying the Quality of SMTP TLS Support.
This research looks into TLS support for mail delivery to the Alexa top 1M domains, especially at how many sites support TLS, supported protocol versions and ciphers and typical setup or implementation errors which might hinder the delivery of mail.
SSL/TLS - Typical problems and how to debug them
In this article I provide tips for debugging SSL/TLS-problems and show typical and less common problems and how to solve them.